As shown through these demand maps, states vary in addressing demand for sex trafficking victims.  Communities also vary significantly in the extent to which they enforce laws or speak out against those who purchase sex with minors. The shading below indicates how comprehensively each state’s laws address the buying of children for sex and the articles reflect enforcement, training and advocacy related to anti-demand efforts.

Join the movement to protect our nation’s youth by demanding zero tolerance for buying sex with children! Click on your state to see what is happening in your area; then contact your legislators to ask for stronger anti-demand laws, or call local news outlets to ask for more consistent coverage of this issue.

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Reported Convictions of Trafficking and CSEC Crimes

State Anti-Demand Laws Enacted Laws Protect Minors from Prosecution
Alabama 18.5 No
Alaska 18.25 No
Arizona 20.25 No
Arkansas 20.5 No
California 16.25 No
Colorado 20.5 No
Connecticut 18.5 Yes, if minor is under 16
Delaware 21 No
District of Columbia 17.75 No
Florida 21.5 No
Georgia 20.25 No
Hawaii 15.5 No
Idaho 16 No
Illinois 21.75 Yes
Indiana 19.75 No
Iowa 21.75 No
Kansas 19.5 No
Kentucky 21.25 Yes
Louisiana 24.75 Yes
Maine 15.5 No
Maryland 19.25 No
Massachusetts 20.25 No
Michigan 20.25 Yes, if minor is under 16
Minnesota 22.5 Yes
Mississippi 21.5 Yes
Missouri 21.5 No
Montana 22.5 No
Nebraska 18.25 Yes
Nevada 21 No
New Hampshire 15.5 No
New Jersey 19.75 No
New Mexico 16 No
New York 16.5 No
North Carolina 20 Yes
North Dakota 20 No
Ohio 19.5 No
Oklahoma 21.75 No
Oregon 20.75 No
Pennsylvania 18.5 No
Rhode Island 17 No
South Carolina 19 No
South Dakota 15.5 No
Tennessee 23.25 Yes
Texas 22.5 No
Utah 20.25 No
Vermont 18.25 Yes
Virginia 16.5 No
Washington 23 No
West Virginia 16.5 No
Wisconsin 20.75 No
Wyoming 17.5 No

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