There is no easy way
to spot a buyer.

The trafficker gets rich.
The victim gets arrested.
The buyer goes home.

Stop the buyers,
stop the victimization.

Our Mission

Much has been said about the pimps and child victims. The buyers are ignored. Without them, this crime ends. This site exposes buyers and tracks what is being done in every state to demand justice.

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The Report

The Demanding Justice Project Report documents criminal actions brought against buyers of sex acts with children and the outcomes of federal and state arrests, charges, and prosecution outcomes for these buyers. Shared Hope will spotlight demand enforcement gaps and publish demand enforcement outcomes as they occur.

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How Buyer Sentencing Breaks Down


The Stats

What's being done in your state?
How does it relate to its neighbors and the country at large?
Find out now


Average Demand Enforcement Laws:

Percentage of States with Laws Protecting Minor Victims from Prosecution:

Reported Buyer Convictions:

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What We Want

  1. Include the purchase of sex with a minor as a crime under sex trafficking laws.
  2. Coordinated investigations across local, national, and international borders in an effort to eradicate the demand everywhere it occurs.
  3. Media outrage and shaming of buyers who keep the sex trafficking industry afloat by purchasing sex with children.

Community Watch:
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About Shared Hope

Shared Hope International strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children.

We envision a world passionately opposed to sex trafficking and a committed community restoring survivors to lives of purpose, value, and choice — one life at a time.

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