What The Johns Don’t Want To Hear

September 2, 2014 | By Victor Malarek

In this, the 21st Century, tens of millions of women and children are slaves in their homelands throughout the globe to be used solely for sex.

And every year hundreds of thousands of women and children are trafficked to foreign lands and throughout the United States as fodder for the sex trade.

As I investigated the causes behind this global sex slave calamity, I quickly discovered the main reason for this – MEN – men who feel that because they have cash, they have the right to rent and invade a woman’s body.

Through all my research, I witnessed the very worst of men who rent the bodies of women and children.  I witnessed their complete indifference toward another human being; their profound disregard and disrespect for the prostituted ; and their grand sense of entitlement and the kingdom of delusion in which they hold court.

And I quickly learned that the Johns don’t want to hear a peep about the incredible human suffering they are causing worldwide.

What I found was they only want, and need, to believe in the myths; the lies and the propaganda that help them get through the night.

Today men who step out into the night seeking purchased sex defiantly cling to the myth that all prostituted persons are in the sex trade by CHOICE and are making money the easy way – on their backs.

Johns don’t want to hear the tragic stories of how the vast majority of women and children were forced into the world of prostitution.

They don’t want to hear about five- and six-year-old girls and boys being sold by their desperately poor parents to brothel owners in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam to be used and abused by men on international sex tours.

They don’t want to hear that most prostituted women and children are recruited into the flesh trade throughout the Western World at ages as young as 12, 13 and 14 – teenage girls who have been made vulnerable by the violence of their surroundings; teenage girls who are victims of shattered and abusive families where they had been sexually abused and raped by their fathers, grandfathers, uncles and trusted family friends and where their innocence and self esteem has been destroyed.

Johns don’t want to hear that the vast majority of prostituted women and children are controlled by violent pimps and crime gangs; that most are addicted to drugs, oftentimes forcibly addicted by their drug-dealing pimps as a form of control, and that most prostituted women and children suffer from serious mental health issues.

Johns don’t want to hear how traffickers are hunting down and ensnaring more and more unsuspecting young women and girls for the seemingly insatiable global sex market.

They don’t want to hear how these young women and girls are taken to “breaking grounds” where they are “seasoned” for the flesh trade.  Places – out of sight – in cities like Moscow, Belgrade, Milan, Berlin, Miami and New York – where they are beaten, gang raped and forced to comply with every demand made by their new owners, where they are depersonalized until they are no longer capable of acting or thinking for themselves.

The only avenue of survival for these destitute women and girls is prostitution.  In essence, what they are forced into is an act of desperation and there is never a choice in desperation.

This is the cold, hard reality for the vast majority of women and girls in prostitution, and the Johns don’t want to hear any of this.

What Johns want to believe is the lie that somehow, magically, a woman is suddenly struck with the idea that prostitution would be a rewarding and wonderful career path!

That these young women and girls enjoy servicing a half dozen or more strange, doughy, smelly, sweaty, middle-aged, bozos on Viagra because it’s a good paying job!

And it’s because of all the lies, the propaganda and absurd myths perpetuated by the prostitution legalization lobby that the situation for tens of millions of impoverished and vulnerable women and children worldwide is getting worse.

The fact is that over the past decade, the demand by men for purchased sex has gone off the charts.

There is no complicated or complex explanation for what is going on. It’s very simple.

In economic parlance, women and girls are the commodity; the supply side of the coin. And imbedded on the supply side are the push factors—extreme poverty, lack of education, and the eternal yearning of desperate human beings to improve their lot in life.

Flip the coin and you get the demand side of the equation with the emphasis on three key letters: “m…a…n.”

Without the demand, there would be no supply.

It would not be profitable for the criminals and pimps to stay in this business if endless platoons of men weren’t prowling the side streets for purchased sex.

The clandestine activities of men on the prowl for sex with prostituted women and girls are forever dismissed with glib comments like: “Boys will be boys … they’re just sowing their wild oats.” It is precisely this bizarre entrenched attitude that has led to the global explosion of men buying sex.

All these crazy and widely-accepted myths about men “needing sex to release tension” “the natural drive of men for sex” “prostitution protecting nice women and girls from rape” and “the rite of passage by initiating boys into manhood.”

No matter which way you examine the issue of buying sex, you cannot escape this one conclusion: this entire global human rights debacle is totally man-made!

The cold, hard reality is little will be done to stop this worldwide sexual carnage until men start taking responsibility for their behavior.

Men hold the key to putting the breaks on this sexual insanity because unlike the tens of millions of women and girls ensnared in the flesh trade, men have a choice.

Men can make different choices and those with a moral compass do.


Written by Victor Malarek

Victor Malarek is known as a tough investigative journalist who is willing to delve into stories revealing the worst side of human nature. At present, he brings his hard-hitting investigative skills to CTV’s current affairs show W5. Malarek has written six non-fiction books. His most recent, Orphanage 41 is his first fiction. The Johns – Sex for Sale and the Men who Buy It – was published in the U.S. and Canada in 2009. It is a follow up to his internationally acclaimed: The Natashas – Inside The New Global Sex Trade (2003), which has been published in 12 countries and 10 languages. His first book: Hey ... Malarek! hit bookstores in 1984. It documents his troubled and tumultuous childhood and teenage years. In 1989, it was made into a feature movie.

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