• A Call To Men: What Will Your Story Be?

    I should say up front that this post is aimed at men.  When it comes to fighting human trafficking, those of us on the front-lines of this battle tend to look beside us and see mostly women.  When you add the fact that many, but not all perpetrators, especially of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) […]

  • Ending Demand Starts with Building Strong Children

    While enslaved on a plantation on the eastern shore of Maryland, my great-great-great grandfather, Frederick Douglass, was denied an education. Slaves were prohibited by U.S. law to learn to read and write. Slave owners understood that education was incompatible with slavery. They believed that an ignorant slave was a content slave…and the federal government ensured […]

  • Neglecting Demand Fuels Human Trafficking

    There are many forms of human trafficking and for the past two years, Human Trafficking Search has been writing a weekly blog on the topics of sex trafficking, child trafficking, organ trafficking and forced labor yet sex trafficking remains the most common form of human trafficking in the world. The HTS blog has covered both […]

  • Hazards of Demand-Side Research: A Perspective from the Front Lines

    Researchers tend to be both curious and risk-averse. Curious because we’re always looking for unanswered questions, and risk-averse because we don’t want to make mistakes as we try to answer those questions. These are generalizations, of course…but we researchers tend to be fond of generalizations, too. I believe it is the push and pull of […]

  • What The Johns Don’t Want To Hear

    In this, the 21st Century, tens of millions of women and children are slaves in their homelands throughout the globe to be used solely for sex. And every year hundreds of thousands of women and children are trafficked to foreign lands and throughout the United States as fodder for the sex trade. As I investigated […]

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Shared Hope International strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children.

We envision a world passionately opposed to sex trafficking and a committed community restoring survivors to lives of purpose, value, and choice — one life at a time.

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